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The 2023 Olympiad of Clanfe takes on an orange hue

Registrations continue to pour in, reaching a total of 61 participants (to be done strictly on the website www.spiz.it by Thursday, July 27th). It's for the sixteenth Clanfe Olympiad, and surprises abound.
In the section dedicated to the Rione (district) of origin of the Clanfadori (participants), at the moment, the Netherlands is in the lead! Following close behind are Padova and then Coloncovez, destined for an almost certain overtaking. However, the exceptional data seems far from coincidental. Among the registrants are also those born in Dubai and Malta. For years, the Clanfe Olympiad has attracted participants from beyond borders, drawn to the originality of the event. So much so that for the second consecutive year, the "Association Giuliani Nel Mondo" has decided to award the best Clanfador coming from abroad, as recognition for their contribution to promoting local traditions and the typical "morbin." The prize up for grabs bears the motto "El morbin non ga confin" (Morbin knows no boundaries).
"After the warm welcome received from the participants and the entire audience in the 2022 edition, we participate with renewed enthusiasm in this event, putting up a new award," says Vice President Pamela Rabaccio. "It's a typical Triestine way to approach a subject dear to many Giulians in a lighthearted manner. The prize is an opportunity to celebrate those who have the chance to return 'home,' reunite with friends, delve into their ancestors' history, and introduce our Association to a wider audience. A special thanks to the Olympics organizers who share these objectives with us."
The event is set for Saturday, July 29th, starting at 2:00 PM, with the traditional opening ceremony during which the Clanfe flag will be raised instead of the classic rings. Following this, the actual dives will take place, again from the side opposite the still-inaccessible swimming pool (sic!).
This year, the Jury will be entirely composed of women. Among them will be the social media strategist Tania Andreutti, the journalist Micol Brusaferro, the maker and science communicator Gaya Fior, the actress and author Sabrina Gregori, the creator of the magazine InTrieste Maria Kochetkova, and as Artistic Judge, the singer Dorina.
It is important to note that the Clanfe Olympiad Jury is susceptible to corruption, but only through food and drinks. This choice has accompanied the event since its first edition, with the intention of both satirizing and raising awareness about this unpleasant issue. The corruptor at the Clanfe Olympiad must have the courage to admit their illicit act and self-report it. And when corruption becomes excessive, the "spectator-people" are invited to rebel by heading to the table of the corrupted to satisfy their hunger and thirst.
The event's formula is well-proven: each participant proposes a dive of their choice from the local seaside tradition, such as "clanfa," "bomba," or "kamikaze," enriching it with style variations that include applause in mid-air, battle cries, somersaults, spins, capes, disguises, and much more. The Jury's task is to evaluate both the technique and the height reached by the splash, the true goal of the Clanfadori. A score is also given for the "morbin," which refers to the ability to entertain the audience through choreographies worthy of the best summer carnival. Over the years, there have been participants who dove dressed as skiers, pedaling on a tricycle, attempting to fly with helium-filled balloons, or even completely covered in eggs and flour, ready for frying. Often, it has been the 5 points awarded for "morbin" that made the difference.
The Olympiad, which originated in 2008, quickly achieved great success, growing exponentially in terms of popular consensus and participants. In its first edition, it had about sixty divers, whereas now the number of competitors hovers around 200. This means that the event guarantees a fun experience of about three to four hours.
The Clanfe Olympiad welcomes participants of different generations, with a wide age range from 4 to 84 years old.
"If we want, that's precisely the secret behind the event, which requires great commitment and effort from all members," explains Mauro Vascotto, the event's patron. "It brings together different generations and entire families: often fathers and sons, but also grandparents and grandchildren dive side by side. The philosophy of the event aims to strengthen family and friendship bonds, in the context of competition, but above all, in the typical spirit of Triestine 'morbin'."
Participants are divided into categories based on age: there are the "pici," up to 11 years old, the "muleti," from 12 to 15, the "muli" (16-25), the "muloni" (26-40), the "mati" and "babe" (41-50), and finally the "vece bobe" and "vece marantighe." Those who perform particularly complex dives end up in the UFO category.
So, save the date for the Clanfe event on Saturday, July 29th, at 2:00 PM, at Ausonia.

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